EEmbedded in the celestially tranquil surroundings and the romantic park with fountain and castle pond, winding paths along the river "Elbe" and under the centuries-old plane trees and lime trees invite you for a leisurely stroll.

If you want to explore the surrounding area on your own, you can rent one of our bikes. We can provide you with a packed lunch so you can reward yourself at the destination with a picnic in the countryside.

In our park extension you will find a tennis court and a volleyball court to play sports together.
In the leisure area at the "Elbpavilion" you have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of ice-cold "Schorle" or punch with boule, crocket or table tennis contemplative in the fresh air. Our outdoor chess invites you to a game of mental strength. If you want to take the reins yourself, this is possible in the Gut Billberge just 1 km away. There you can also be instructed by a riding instructor. You can comfortably follow the course of the "Elbe" with the "President", a pleasure boat that leaves in Tangermünde and drives straight down to the castle on the river "Elbe".
The unique environment invites you to further activities.
  • Idyllic location in the region "Altmark"
  • Untouched landscapes
  • Medieval cities of Tangermünde and Stendal
  • Hiking and biking trails directly from the castle
  • Romantic Road (including Jerichow Monastery)
  • Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide Nature Park
  • Storchendorf Rühstädt
  • The hotel is located directly on the romantic Elbe Cycle Path

TThe wonderfully quiet surroundings of the romantic park and our generous leisure area invite you to a variety of activities and excursions.
Availabilities out door
  • Tennis court, volleyball court
  • Boules, Crocket, table tennis, chess (outdoor activities)
  • Bike rental (also tandem)
  • Romantic park for relaxing walks

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